What Should I Tell My Physical Therapist?

By Ben Loomis – DSC_9441.jpg, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=73875056

You might have some concerns about your treatment and goals if you’ve never been to a physical therapist before. Here are some general physical therapy issues and points you may want to speak about during your initial assessment.

Talk about the pain you are experiencing.

Go into depth on what kind of operations you are having problems with and where the pain comes from. The more input you can give, the more your doctor can help to establish a treatment plan.

How did your injury happen and/or when did your pain begin?

Did you have an accident or injury, or did the pain grow over an extended period of time gradually? Your PT will direct you to recovery after an accident, whether it’s sports, work or surgical post-op. They will teach you movements, stretches, and techniques as part of physical therapy, using advanced equipment to address your discomfort.

What are your recovery goals?

In relation to your treatment, if you have clear objectives, let your therapist know. Would you like to run a marathon, or is it your ambition to cook dinner and be able to hit your cabinets? Your ambition, perhaps, is to have enough strength to play with your grandchildren. When designing a recovery plan that better suits your needs, your physical therapist needs this knowledge. Your rehabilitation continues with physical therapy, whether you’re a professional athlete who has sustained an injury or an orthopedic patient who needs support after surgery.

Give your physical therapist you primary care provider’s information.

Good communication with your physical therapist and your provider of primary care will help remove the need for unnecessary prescriptions and include your medical history in great detail. Your physical therapist will also help explain referral criteria and the method of decision-making.

Tell your physical therapist of any drugs you are taking at the moment.

Because of physical activity, different drugs can cause adverse side effects and the physical therapist needs to make sure you are ready for physical therapy. Make sure you have a thorough list of your drugs and be prepared for your assessment to address them.

Always tell your physical therapist your pain levels and how you feel your progress is going.

The aim of Physical Therapy is to make changes in your body. The pressures on the body will vary as physical therapists make adjustments to your tissues and mechanics, and can change where you experience the pain or symptoms. For your physical therapist, be available. Let your physical therapist know if you have any concerns about your condition or want to go through any pain you are feeling and they will go through it with you. Chances are that what you feel is fully natural and part of the process of healing.

Are You Looking for Relief From Neck Pain? 

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