Patient Testimonials

  • Competent and highly skilled PT, highly recommended!! Thank you V!

    - J. M.
  • June 15, 2019 I am 84 years old and live in Assisted Living at Moldaw Residences in Palo Alto. I started physical therapy sessions with Vidya Devarapalli (DPT) in the late fall of 2018 (after observing what she accomplished with my wife) and worked with her until she left the Moldaw in the spring of 2019. I have spinal stenosis which I have chosen to treat with exercise instead of surgery (not always successfully). Working with Vidya, I was able to almost eliminate the back pain, strengthen my core muscles, and substantially improve my posture/balance while walking. I highly recommend Vidya based on my experience.

    - Charles P.
  • I highly recommend this place! Vidya helped me recover from a minor shoulder injury and back strain. On both occasions, she got me back on the diamond with more strength and agility than ever.

    - Krishna Y.
  • I have been having neck pain with radiating pain for few weeks and I was referred to physical therapy by my doctor. I have had few sessions at pace physical therapy and got a good relief. I was also given a few home exercises for long term relief.

    - Yalamanchili R.
  • Dr. Vidya is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly — and is concerned enough to make sure I follow through on my home therapy assignments. She is both realistic and inspirational about one’s progress, always keeping in mind the goal of long-term healing. I highly recommend her clinic.

    - Brian H.
  • My wife started seeing Dr. Vidya Devarapalli two weeks ago because of hip pain. She has seen good improvement and the doctor is really good at explaining why the pain is occurring and what to do for it. She sends home detailed instructions on what to do between visits and my wife tells me that the Dr. really takes time to explain what she’s doing and why. I would definitely recommend her based on my results.

    - Wayne I.
  • Dr. Vidya is an excellent physical therapist. She really knows what she’s doing, what to look for, and how to look for it. She takes her time to listen to you and to explain the exercises and why you are feeling the discomfort or pain that you’re feeling.
    She has been very aware of how I am doing during my sessions, and she asks at the right times if I need a break or some water. I can tell that she truly cares about her clients and wants them to get better for the long-term. Also, she has been very flexible and accommodating with her schedule, which I appreciate. Dr. Vidya provides a calm and relaxing environment, and her work is top-notch.
    I’d highly recommend her to anyone.
    Thank you very much, Dr. Vidya!

    - Juan V.
  • Dr. Vidya is an excellent therapist. Me and my wife go there. The facility is neat and clean and very well equipped. I highly recommend this place.

    - Farman E.
  • I was referred by my PCP to Dr. Vidya Deverapalli to help me with my severe sciatic pain. She has recently opened her practice, and I would highly recommend it based on what she’s done for me. She has been incredibly helpful and fully explains exactly what she’s doing and why. She gives exercises to do at home, and my pain has decreased by at least 75% since I’ve been going to her for treatment. Vidya is very personable and professional and her office is fully equipped.

    - Karin S.
  • Dr. Vidya is an excellent therapist that helped me when I had severe sciatica in my leg. I recommend anyone with pain to visit her. She is great!

    - William C.
  • Vidya Devarapalli is a wonderful physical therapist. She was attentive to my boyfriend’s mom and her needs and listened to what was going on. Very compassionate and caring. I highly recommend her. She was very kind and helpful.

    - Melissa P.
  • I was referred here by my doctor for chronic knee pain, after X-rays showed nothing. Vidya filmed me walking and climbing stairs from behind and showed me that I wasn’t using my hip and glutes on that side at all — I must have pulled or strained something there once and stopped using those muscles, and my knee hurt because it was working too hard. She used ultrasound to bring down the inflammation and taught me a series of exercises to build the atrophied muscles up again. After 12 sessions my knee feels much better and I’m walking and running without pain. 🙂

    - Mike P.
  • Vidya was a great help. She was very knowledgeable and was able to quickly assess the injury and provide relief. I have recommended her to a few friends.

    - Mary S.
  • I came into Pace with lower back pain that left me out of work for a week, Vidya had me on a personal program that has me back to work pain free and soon back on my bike, definitely recommend if you’re looking into a physical therapist

    - Edgar F.
  • After 3 weeks of rehabilitation post meniscal injury, which includes an exercise program and pain modalities, I was able to walk close to 3 miles with very little pain. They explained everything in detail about the condition and was given a detailed plan of care, which helped me have a clear idea of my journey ahead! I highly recommend!

  • I highly recommend Pace Physical Therapy. After straining my back and suffering from muscle tightness, pain and lack of flexibility my doctor suggested PT. Vidya demonstrated knowledge in my condition, educated me and provided exercises that helped alleviate the pain and gain flexibility. Vidya is indeed a highly knowledgeable professional, I would recommend her for PT.

    - JAMES P.