What Are Some Possible Causes Of Foot Pain Without Injury?

There are many possible causes of foot pain without injury that can be causing your discomfort. It could be caused by a structural issue, such as flat feet or high arches, which may need to be corrected with orthotics or other medical intervention. You may have arthritis in your feet from the wear and tear of aging, but there are treatments for this condition too! Read more below for information on some common causes of foot pain without injury.

Possible Causes Of Foot Pain Without Injury: Flat Feet Or High Arches, Aging With Risk For Osteoarthritis, Repetitive Stress Syndrome (RSI), Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis.

  1. Flat Feet Or High Arches

People with flat feet or high arches have an improper alignment of their foot structure that creates unequal weight distribution and strain on the plantar fascia. This kind of imbalance may require orthotics to provide more support for your arch, which will help relieve pain in the heel and ball joints.

  1. Aging With Risk For Osteoarthritis

As people age, they could develop osteoarthritis in their feet as a result of everyday wear and tear on cartilage surfaces around joint areas such as the ankle, knee, hip, or shoulder.

  1. Repetitive Stress Syndrome (RSI) Or Tendonitis

These two conditions are often caused by repetitive movements without adequate rest time between sessions. They are often seen with people who stand on their feet all day, such as waitresses and cashiers. For RSIs or tendonitis, the best course of treatment is usually to rest for a few days (or weeks) in order to allow time for recovery before returning to any activities that may have caused irritation in the first place.

  1. Plantar Fasciitis

This condition occurs when there’s too much tension from one foot into another due to an imbalance of forces between your heel and toes. This can be caused by poorly fitting shoes or a change in walking habits over time where you’ve put more weight on certain parts of your foot than others.

Other potential causes of foot pain include:

  • Calluses –  Thickened patches of skin that form in areas such as the heel and ball joints
  • Fungus – A type of fungus commonly found on feet can be a cause for pain, but is usually easily treated with antifungal creams
  • Tendonitis – And inflammation or degeneration to the tendon itself. This condition may come from overuse or repetitive movements without adequate rest time between sessions.
  • Sesamoiditis – Inflammatory arthritis in small bones next to toe joint, often caused by wearing high heels frequently. It causes sharp pain when pressing your toes down into the ground when walking.
  • Gout – Arthritis due to crystal buildup around ankle and foot joints which then produces large painful lumps under the skin.

As you may have guessed, there are a lot of possible answers to this question. Some people who experience foot pain without injury may just need orthotics or arch supports for their shoes. Others might need more extensive treatment such as physical therapy and stretching exercises. If your doctor can’t find any clear signs of an injury, see if they recommend anything that we haven’t mentioned here. Even though it sounds like a difficult problem to diagnose at first glance, the right specialist should be able to get you back on track in no time! Visit our website today for information about what causes foot pain without injury and how we can help with all types of medical conditions including diabetes and vascular disease.

Are You Looking For Foot And Ankle Pain Relief?

At Pace Physical Therapy, we know that pain in the foot and ankle can really slow you down. To make sure this doesn’t happen, our recovery plan will typically involve a mixture of advanced hands-on physical therapy procedures such as massage or ultrasound; exercises to improve balance and strengthen your feet (exercises on a balance board are great for relieving joint issues); specialist facilities like electric stimulation machines which relieve swelling by restoring blood flow with an electrical current; or even orthotic footwear if needed to ensure mobility isn’t compromised again in future. We’ll also recommend lifestyle changes so long-term problems don’t arise too! We all want to lead a life of comfort and happiness. The trouble is, it’s not always easy after an injury or accident takes us out of commission for weeks at a time with debilitating pain in our joints. Take care of your feet and ankles by getting the right treatment from Pace Physical Therapy! Contact us today to schedule your appointment!