How Do I Know If I Should Go To The ER For Foot Pain?

Have you ever had foot pain that just won’t seem to go away? If so, you may be wondering if it’s worth going to the emergency room. While this is a good idea in some cases, there are other instances where an ER visit isn’t necessary. Here are five questions to ask yourself before deciding whether or not you need emergency care for your foot pain:

1) Is your foot swollen and does it hurt when you put weight on it?

2) Have you been experiencing any numbness or tingling sensations in the affected area?

3) Does your pain get worse when walking upstairs?

4) Are there any open wounds on the affected foot? And, finally,

5) Do you have any health conditions that might be making your foot pain worse, such as diabetes or peripheral vascular disease (PVD)?

If the answer to these questions is yes and no then it may not be necessary for emergency care. However, if the answer to at least one of them is yes then an ER visit might be just what you need. As always, please contact a physician before deciding whether or not an ER visit would help better diagnose your condition!

Symptoms Of Serious Foot Pain

Foot pain can come in many forms, from a sprain to more serious conditions such as diabetic neuropathy. However, there are some symptoms of foot pain that will require you to go to the emergency room if they persist or worsen. Here’s what these symptoms may be telling you:

  • Swelling and/or discoloration on one side of your foot or toes – This could indicate an injury which needs immediate medical attention! You could have broken a bone in your toe, sprained ligaments around it, or even suffered arthritis while walking. A doctor should see this promptly before it worsens.
  • Tingling sensations and numbness in your feet – If tingles start up when standing or if you feel numbness in your feet, this may be a warning sign for diabetic neuropathy. The numbness is often caused by reduced blood flow to nerves and the tingles are due to excessive nerve activity as they try to compensate. These can also indicate that there is something else going on with the circulatory health of your foot such as PVD or poor circulation from diabetes mellitus which needs immediate care!
  • Pain when walking up stairs – Other conditions that should alarm you about needing emergency services include pain while walking upstairs but not downstairs (due to arthritis) or any other type of acute injury like a broken toe bone where it hurts just one specific spot anytime weight goes onto it (like an ankle sprain). When these occur, it is time to go see a doctor at the ER.

So, you’re not sure if you should go to the ER for foot pain? We are here to help. If your pain is excruciating in nature or seems like something more serious than a simple sprain, don’t hesitate—to see an emergency medical professional immediately! However, if it feels like any other kind of injury that would require some home care and rest (like what we recommend), then give us a call. Our team will be glad to answer all your questions about treatment options and get you set up with one of our doctors near you. Don’t wait for another second because time could make things worse!

Are You Looking For Foot And Ankle Pain Relief?

At Pace Physical Therapy, we know that pain in the foot and ankle can really slow you down. To make sure this doesn’t happen, our recovery plan will typically involve a mixture of advanced hands-on physical therapy procedures such as massage or ultrasound; exercises to improve balance and strengthen your feet (exercises on a balance board are great for relieving joint issues); specialist facilities like electric stimulation machines which relieve swelling by restoring blood flow with an electrical current; or even orthotic footwear if needed to ensure mobility isn’t compromised again in future. We’ll also recommend lifestyle changes so long-term problems don’t arise too! We all want to lead a life of comfort and happiness. The trouble is, it’s not always easy after an injury or accident takes us out of commission for weeks at a time with debilitating pain in our joints. Take care of your feet and ankles by getting the right treatment from Pace Physical Therapy! Contact us today to schedule your appointment!