Stojanovich Family Park

316 Union Ave, Campbell, CA 95008

By Ben Loomis – DSC_9441.jpg, CC BY 2.0,


  • child play areas
  • interpretive signs
  • Landscaping
  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • Plaza Areas
  • public art

Located at 316 Union Avenue, Stojanovich Park is open from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Parking is limited to the loading and unloading of travelers, so be able to find alternative parking. There are seven picnic benches in the park, which are first come, first served and can not be booked. There is a playground for young children aged 5 to 7 years, climbing structures for children, a walking track, and toilets. In general, the park’s special features are for younger kids.

The Park got its name from the owners who sold the property to the City on condition that it was turned into a park. Since 1934, when they grew fruit in the surrounding orchards, the Stojanovich have owned the land. Fruit-laden trucks will pull up to the shed, slide open the wide sliding doors and unload, cut and dry the harvest. Apricots, plums and cherries were the main types of fruit.

A cute, minimalistic park, perfect for little kids who like their play areas dog-poop free.  It’s Campbell/Orchard City centric, with a water tower slide, cherry can tunnel, giant apple seat, an old tractor tire, and Campbell’s first piece of bronze public art: a 5 foot apricot and giant grasshopper. It’s like pop art, but not poop art.  No dogs.  Nice walkway with historical signs, passing seven picnic tables with limited shade.  The 1.32 acre park is named Stojanovich, a Serbian word for “no parking”.  No, actually it’s named for the family who sold their property that was originally used to dry and the fruit they grew). But there is no parking.  

Great park that’s hidden in a residential area. There are no dogs allowed which makes it one of the cleanest parks in the community. The playground is shaded and has a bench right next to it so you can watch your little ones as they play. It has concrete so you can also take a bike or scooter and plenty of grass to play on. It’s a nice park to stroll or chill with your kids because the place is not overcrowded. 

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