How Can A Physical Therapist Help With Sports Injuries?

It’s a common misconception that physical therapy is only for those with serious injuries. In fact, it can be beneficial to anyone who wants to maintain their mobility and prevent injury from happening in the first place. A physical therapist can help athletes of all skill levels recover from sports-related injuries or general wear and tear on the body. They provide tailored treatments designed specifically for you!

While competing in sports, fitness activities, or training exercises, injuries are very common. These can be caused by a variety of factors such as poor training techniques and insufficient warm-ups. Physical therapy is usually required after an accident to restore strength and movement to areas affected by pain management which prevents long-term damage from recurring issues.

Physical therapists are educated to help patients recover from injuries. They use a variety of stretching, strengthening, and balance-enhancing exercises in order to make the most out of each session such as isometric exercise (which involves contracting muscles without changing length) where they hold certain positions that engage specific muscle groups over time which helps increase strength gradually through neuromuscular reeducation, range-of-motion training, flexibility training, and postural correction activities. Benefits of physical therapy include:

  • Physical therapy can help you avoid injuries in the future
  • You’ll be able to enjoy a variety of physical activities without pain
  • Get back on your feet and take part in physically active scenarios
  • You can relieve your pain without any drugs or harmful side effects
  • Trainers in the future may require physical therapists to prep them for competition
  • Physical therapists are necessary in order to continue living an active lifestyle after injury 

So How Can A Physical Therapist Help With Sports Injuries?

Speeds Up Rehabilitation

One of the major aims of physical therapy is to help patients who have had surgery or experienced an accident bridge the gap. When you first start physical therapy, a qualified rehabilitation physical therapist will conduct a mobility test to assess your physical skills and limits in order to ensure appropriate mechanics throughout certain exercises. The screening examines your mobility, stability, balance, and strength through a range of activities.

After assessing your physical condition, a Physical Therapist develops an individualized treatment plan to address the weak spots in order to improve overall performance.

  • A qualified physical therapist will take the time to understand your condition in depth
  • A personal treatment plan tailored to you is created for an effective rehabilitation program
  • Easy-to-navigate processes so you can work at your own pace to regain strength
  • You’ll have access to a community of support for people recovering from surgery or an accident

Aids In Pain Management

Severe injuries can lead to long-term consequences for athletes, even after they have recovered from surgery. The best place to relearn your body’s limit is in a controlled environment that will allow you and the team of therapists helping you with physical therapy just enough discomfort so as not to push yourself past what should be an acceptable level. If you’re in pain, tell your therapist about it so they know how best to help!

  • Get in contact with your body’s limit, in a controlled environment
  • Put an end to long-term consequences of injuries
  • Work without pain when you are still recovering

Boost Your Mobility

Physical therapy can help your joints move more fluidly in general. After the discomfort has gone, you will have a mobility test to pinpoint problematic regions such as the back and hips where you may need extra work for better form.

If you’re a sports player and have been injured, there’s no need to worry. A physical therapist can help with the healing process by providing a holistic treatment approach that will not only heal your injury but also improve your body mechanics for future activities. Call us today to learn more about how we helped others in similar situations as well as what services are offered at our clinic!

Are You Looking for Relief for Your Sports Injury?

Pace Physical Therapy in San Jose, California specializes in non-surgical relief and recovery therapies for Sports Injuries.  Our physical therapists in San Jose, CA are movement professionals who can help you heal easily and accomplish your physical goals. To get back into the game as soon as possible after an injury, they will recommend a personalized treatment plan for you based on medical examination results (such as X-rays), diagnostic tests (MRI or ultrasound), the severity of the injury, the extent of health issues/concerns to consider when developing this plan, lifestyle considerations that may impact recovery progress. To help you heal faster, at Pace Physical Therapy San Jose, CA appointments are available to aid in the recovery of your sports injury. Our staff is experienced and professional with years of training on how best to treat various types of injuries among athletes so that they’re able to return back into their sport as soon as possible. We strive every day to provide excellent service for all our patients because we understand it can be frustrating not being able to do what you love most due to an injury keeping us off the field or court! Contact us today to schedule your appointment!