Campbell Historical Museum

51 N Central Ave, Campbell, CA 95008

By Ben Loomis – DSC_9441.jpg, CC BY 2.0,

The journey extends four decades to establish the Historical Museum of Campbell. In the early 1960s, local community leaders Jeanette Watson and the Campbell County Woman’s Club took early steps to lobby for a museum and fundraising.

As part of the Country Woman’s Club, the museum first opened its doors in January 1964. The museum ‘s position and stewardship have changed several times over the years. The museum has been housed in the first public building in Campbell, Firehouse # 1 at 51 N., since 1983. Central avenue here.

Via self-guided tours based around interactive exhibits, visitors can explore the rich history of the area. These exhibitions provide insight into everyday life over the past century in the Santa Clara Valley. In order to better understand life in the region throughout history and today, interactive, hands-on characteristics in each display area facilitate personal experiences with historical artifacts.

The mission of the Campbell Historical Museum and Ainsley House is to interpret and preserve the history of the Campbell area in imaginative and meaningful ways, from its revolutionary origins to the setting of today’s 21st century, and to relate that history within the wider context of the Santa Clara Valley and the region.

The Campbell Historical Museum and Ainsley House are publicly owned and run by the City of Campbell. With creative and practical services, the museums interpret the history of the Campbell region from its groundbreaking origins to today. 

The Museum Foundation

The Foundation was founded in 1993 and has raised funds over the last two decades to support the services, exhibitions, running costs and conservation efforts of the museums. The organization has put a new roof on the Carriage House through the Foundation’s endowment fund and fundraising activities, such as Holiday Teas and Tours, Summer Concert Series concessions, and more, sponsored UV security film on Ainsley House windows, and provided funds for museum collection employees.

The Foundation offers $10,000 in scholarship funds per year to local schools to use transportation fees for access to attend Hands-On History at the Campbell Historical Museum or Ainsley House History Detectives. The Foundation allows more than 2,200 students to witness history through scholarships every year.

The City of Campbell owns and manages the buildings and the contents of the museum. The Foundation operates in collaboration with the Recreation Department of Community Services of the City of Campbell. In accordance with museum staff recommendations, the Foundation also offers annual financial support on an as-needed basis.

A museum store inside the Carriage House is host to the Base. During public museum hours, the shop provides exclusive boutique-style gifts: Thursday-Sunday, 12-4 p.m.

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