The 3 Mistakes Physical Therapists See Most In People After Car Accidents

You may not think about it, but if you were in a car accident and have been going to physical therapy since then, chances are they’ve seen you do some things wrong. Physical therapists see people make the same mistakes all the time – so here are three of the most common ones that people involved in a car accident almost always commit.

  1. Failing To Seek Proper Medical Health ASAP

If you’ve been in a major automobile accident, the emergency medical personnel will most likely arrive on spot and assess your injuries. Transporting to the hospital may be necessary depending on how serious it is. If not so bad, then returning home after exchanging information with other motorists might suffice.

If you’re in lesser more minor accidents such as fender benders though things work differently – they just go about their day rather than overreacting if at all possible (easing some of those symptoms). They return home without seeking treatment even if they’re in pain.

Although many people may believe they are fine after a small car crash, it is best to seek medical attention because:

  • This will allow for early detection of any hidden injuries that might not be visible without an examination.
  • Doing so can help one avoid long-term health problems such as chronic pain and arthritis later in life because the chance of developing these conditions post-injury increases with time passed since the accident occurred.
  • Suffering from chronic pain after a whiplash injury can be difficult to cope with.
  • The vast majority of people (90%) who have symptoms more than three months will suffer from chronic pain for the rest of their lives.
  • Only a few therapies prove successful in alleviating these debilitating effects.
  • While many sufferers wait 15-18 months before seeking treatment, it is critical that they are aware of how severe this issue really is because those individuals rarely recover when suffering for that long without relief or help.

It’s said that the first 24 hours following an event are crucial. This is because some symptoms may take days or weeks to appear, and in these cases, it can be difficult for your doctor to pinpoint exactly when they actually occurred. Some of the symptoms are not immediately seen such as:

Head Injuries

Headaches, trouble focusing, mood changes, and forgetfulness are some of the delayed signs that someone has sustained a head injury. Some injuries such as concussions or skull fractures may not be easy to detect from just looking at them because they bleed heavily on contact.

Injuries To The Neck And Spine

When you have back discomfort, a kink in your neck, or pain that radiates up to your head and down into one of the arms – this could be signs of spinal injury. A doctor will know what needs to happen next by examining you closely for other symptoms like numbness on side of the face; paralysis below waistline level (but not above); difficulty lifting an arm higher than shoulder height with normal range-of-motion limitations; loss of feeling at nipple line area on the injured side.

  1. Not Seeing A Physical Therapist After A Car Accident

Aside from the obvious pain and discomfort, vehicle accidents can have serious long-term consequences. Physical therapy is recommended for a number of reasons to help you recover as much function as possible following an accident that may prevent future injury or distress on your body.

  1. Relying on Painkillers Instead of Seeking Professional Medical Care

After a vehicle accident, you may require pain medication to help you heal. Physical therapy may be an option if you’re concerned about the use of painkillers, or if you’re concerned about taking too many painkillers for too long. Physical therapy can help you heal faster by increasing your natural strength and reducing or eliminating the usage of medications.

It’s understandable that people want to avoid a visit to the doctor after an accident. After all, it can be stressful and expensive- but if you do not have your injury evaluated by a physician immediately following the incident, you are at risk of long-term health problems such as chronic pain or arthritis later in life. Your time is valuable – we know this better than anybody else because our livelihoods depend on serving others with their injuries. Call us today for more information about how early detection might help prevent these conditions from developing!

Are You Looking for Relief From an Accident Injury?

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