Los Gatos Creek County Park

1250 Dell Ave Campbell, CA 95008

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Welcome to Los Gatos Creek County Park! The Los Gatos Creek Trail provides walkers, joggers, bicyclists, skaters, non-motorized scooters and lovers of nature with recreational opportunities. The trails are managed by the Department of Park County of Santa Clara, the City of Campbell, the City of Los Gatos and the City of San Jose. A variety of jurisdictions travel along the trail. Both laws and regulations specific to each jurisdiction are the responsibility of tourists. Another fantastic amenity to the trail is the Los Gatos Creek dog park. The dog park’s artificial turf is able to handle the many dogs that this park loves. The shade, the seating and the water are there. An admission fee will be paid if you wish to park in the parking lot, or you can buy one of our annual parking passes to save you much needed cash!

Why a Regional Trail?

  • Connect regional parks and open space areas, current or planned,
  • Establish a network of regional trails and alternative corridors of transport
  • Providing access to major natural areas and historical sites
  • Providing various neighborhoods with a number of leisure opportunities
  • Around The Creek of Los Gatos

A Water Resource

One of the only urban streams in the Santa Clara Valley that remains relatively intact is Los Gatos Creek. It is both a riparian corridor for animals and plants and forms part of an intricate water supply and flood control scheme.

Lexington Reservoir in the Santa Cruz Mountains collects surface water runoff from the watershed that feeds into Los Gatos Creek. The water is then used to recharge the groundwater basin of the valley, or refill it. Reservoir water is released and transported through the creek to recharge ponds. Water kept in the ponds seeps or “percolates” into the layers of the earth until it enters the aquifers below. Before it enters the underground storage basin, this percolation process helps disinfect the water.

You can see groundwater recharging in motion all along Los Gatos Creek. Water released from Lexington Reservoir flows to Vasona Lake, where water downstream to the percolation ponds at Los Gatos Creek County Park and Budd, Camden, McGlinchey, Oka Lane, Page and Sunnyoaks ponds is released by a series of gates at the dam. The creek ultimately reaches the River Guadalupe and flows north to San Francisco Bay.

In flood control for the western valley, Los Gatos also plays a part. The creek is part of the vast watershed of the Guadalupe River. It flows into the river with several other smaller creeks. The creeks help control river flows during rainstorms by bringing water from storm drainage systems.

Water supply and flood management in the Santa Clara Valley is the responsibility of the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

How to Get There

Los Gatos Creek County Park is located at:

1250 Dell Ave Campbell, CA 95008

Park Office: (408) 355-2375​

From San Jose-At present, Blackford Elementary School, near the intersection of Leigh Avenue and Willow Lane, is the northernmost entry to the trail. Bascom Road, north of Hamilton Road, has minimal on-street parking.

Entry and parking are accessible from Campbell; from Campbell Park on Los Gatos Creek on Campbell Avenue; from Los Gatos Creek County Park on Dell and Hacienda Roads, from Old Camden Ave. and from Campisi Way’s western end, north of Campbell Avenue. At Camden Avenue / Highway 17 and Railway Avenue, more access points are located.

Entry and parking are accessible from Los Gatos; from Vasona County Park and Oak Meadow Park off Blossom Hill Road; from Miles Avenue, Main Street and Forbes Factory, from downtown Los Gatos; and from Lexington Reservoir Dam. The Los Gatos Creek Trail is accessible by public transportation.

Hours and Fees

The park is open from 8:00 a.m. throughout the year. Before sundown. Entrance fees for vehicles are paid year round. We offer a $2.00 hourly option for your convenience as well. For group picnic reservations, fees are also required.

Access fees information here: Vehicle Entry Fees, Group Picnic Site Fees 


The Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department may not discriminate against eligible persons with disabilities on the basis of disability in its programs, facilities, or events, in accordance with the provisions of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (‘ADA’). The Department will make appropriate improvements to policies and initiatives to ensure equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities to enjoy our initiatives, services, facilities, and events. 


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All of these wonderful landmarks are located just a short distance from our location located at 3880 South Bascom Avenue in San Jose, California! Stop by for a visit anytime!