Do You Need Physical Therapy After Surgery?

Benefits of Physical Therapy After Surgery

It is crucial that you know that life is not an instant paradise immediately after surgery. During your post-op recovery phase, the effectiveness of your treatment depends on what you do. It is also prescribed for physical therapy and there is a good explanation why. It’s functioning.

After an accident or surgery, physical therapists are qualified to help people of all ages recover their strength and mobility. PTs direct patients through various workouts, stretches, and other tasks designed to help heal them. The strategies used by PTs target specific body areas.

Sadly, many individuals do not comply with the physical therapy recommended by their doctor, as this may be harmful to proper healing.

Here are just six reasons why you will benefit from physical therapy after surgery:

  • Enhanced Mobility. Surgery will limit your range of motion temporarily. Physical therapy will help if you are having problems with your ability to move. Assistive devices such as canes and crutches can help ensure your protection while you heal, depending on your specific physical therapy needs.
  • Improved Blood Circulation. Physical therapy can help improve the circulation of your blood, giving a boost to your healing. Oxygen and other nutrients are transported around the body by the blood, which can help ease inflammation and help you recover faster.
  • Pain Reduction or Elimination. Patients also worry that more discomfort will lead to physical therapy. The exercises and strategies used by PTs, on the other hand, help restore muscle and joint function, relieving your pain.
  • Better Muscle Function. Normal physical therapy can help fix muscles that are rigid and tense. Your physical therapist will prescribe different stretching routines to strengthen how your muscles work, regain your muscle strength, and increase your stamina. It is assumed that these exercises are secure and adapted to your condition.
  • Improved Balance. During your post-surgical recuperation, you can be vulnerable to falls. Some exercises and treatments are available that can help strengthen your balance so that you can walk without fear of unintentional falls.
  • Strengthened Core. One of the basic pillars of your body is your midsection or “core” as it is generally called. The muscles help to keep you safe in this part of the body and help to avoid accidents. For improved overall health and an easier recovery, physical therapy will improve the heart in particular.

Are You Looking for Post Operative Rehabilitation? 

Pace Physical Therapy in San Jose, California specializes in Post Operative Rehabilitation and recovery therapies.  We pride ourselves on offering the best possible physical therapy available and going above and beyond for our patients. Our highly experienced physical therapist will work with you to improve your function and relieve your pain. At Pace Physical Therapy, individualized post-surgical recovery not only minimizes your pain and speeds up the healing time, but it can also decrease the chances of postoperative complications, including infections, bleeding, blood clots, muscle fatigue, scar tissue, reduced function, and other factors that can affect your long-term health negatively. The ability to help you minimize or fully stop prescribed painkillers, including opioids, is another important justification for choosing post-surgical physical therapy. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!