5 Signs You Need A Physical Therapist For Your Sports Injury

Physical therapy may be recognized to you as a means of assisting professional athletes in achieving peak performance, but it’s vital not to be intimidated — or think that these therapies are exclusively for individuals who are injured or high-performing. Regardless of who you are, physical therapy can improve your health in many ways.

Physical therapists are highly trained professionals who help people recover from injuries. If you’re an athlete, the potential for injury is high and there’s a good chance that you’ll need to see a physical therapist at some point in your career. Here are 5 signs that can tell you when it’s time to go see one:

  1. You Experience Pain During Sports-related Activities

You’ve probably had a bit of back discomfort, neck pain, and joint pain in your day. They can happen from sitting at your desk for too long, marathon training, or specific motions depending on the circumstances that surround you. 

If it becomes persistent and severe enough to cause problems with normal daily activities then consult a physical therapist who will be able to help find out what’s causing all these stress relief techniques aimed towards strengthening muscle recovery.

  1. You Have Trouble With Balance Or Coordination

When you experience a sudden loss of balance, it’s likely that your inner ear has been compromised. Physical therapists can help restore the function of this vital organ to ease your pain and get back on track with normal daily activities through vestibular rehabilitation therapy.

  1. You Feel Stiffness Or Weakness In Certain Areas Of Your Body

When you’re having difficulty with everyday tasks, like reaching for a cup in the cabinet or bending down to tie your shoes, physiotherapy may be able to help. When we move our body around every day, it changes how certain muscles and joints work together so that they can execute complex movements smoothly. It might seem minor at first when something is slightly off but over time these small differences add up until even getting out of bed becomes difficult.

Physical therapists can help you by analyzing the quality of your functional and joint-specific motions to see if they are optimum. They will also be able to tell whether or not these motions are safe so that you do not suffer from any more pain than is necessary, which might cause your brain and body’s time-out period to become shorter because of this increased stress on them.

  1. If You Had A Stroke

Physical therapy can be a great way for stroke victims to get back the abilities they’ve lost. A physical therapist will help them regain their mobility by giving them exercises and skills while also determining how much stress is too much throughout this process.

  1. If You’re Having Trouble Managing Your Discomfort With Medicines

Ibuprofen can be used as an initial line of defense against inflammation after injury. Over-the-counter pain relievers reduce the amount of inflammation, speeding up the healing process. If you’re still in pain after taking over-the-counter medication it’s time to seek professional treatment because trying to workout despite this discomfort might put you at risk for another injury.

If any of these five signs seem familiar, it’s time to call a physical therapist. Don’t let your injury get worse and consult an expert in sports injuries. We’re ready to help you with all things related to athletic health care. Talk to us today about how we can make the road back from injury much easier on you.

Are You Looking for Relief for Your Sports Injury?

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