Is It Really Worth It To See A Physical Therapist For Concussion Therapy?

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The question is, “Isn’t it worth the time and effort to see a physical therapist for concussion therapy?” If you are someone who has suffered from a traumatic brain injury, then this may be an important question for you. You might be wondering if any benefits come with seeing a professional when it comes to your condition. There are many different types of professionals out there who can help heal concussions, but what exactly do they do? How much does it cost? And how long will I have to go through treatment sessions to get better? These are all very valid questions. Keep reading to know why is it worth it to see a physical therapist for concussion treatment.

Benefits Of Visiting A Physical Therapist For A Concussion Treatment

    Concussions have become a popular topic over the past few years. Due to high-profile sports injuries and even some deaths, there has been a big push for research on how to properly treat them. Many people do not know that seeing a physical therapist is one of the best ways to go about recovering from this type of injury. Here are some reasons why it may be beneficial for you or someone close to see a physical therapist for concussion treatment:

1. Can Speed Up The Recovery Process

    Concussions may take a long time to heal and physical therapy can help speed up the process. Patients who see their doctor for regular checkups are more likely to get better faster than those that try to recover on their own. Physical therapists have access to tools, treatments, and exercises that will be beneficial in speeding up recovery times while also avoiding some of the negative side effects that come with this type of injuries like dizziness or nausea.

2. They Understand How People Act When They Experiences Concussions

    Physical therapists understand how people act when they experience concussions which is why it’s important not only to treat them but educate patients on what symptoms should look like as well as any activities they need to avoid doing until they fully heal from it. Understanding your plan is one of the main ways that patients will be able to get better faster. Physical therapists are also able to help you get back into your normal routine after suffering from a concussion.

3. Can Help With Dizziness And Other Head-Related Symptoms

    Physical therapists can help with certain symptoms that come from concussions such as dizziness and migraines. They will be able to create a workout plan, develop an exercise regimen for patients to follow, and even determine if vitamins or supplements may be beneficial in speeding up the process of healing. If these treatments do not work they may suggest additional options which are why it’s important to give them a try before going another route.

4. Can Help Regain Strength And Endurance

    Physical therapists can help regain strength and endurance after a concussion by using different techniques such as the use of modalities, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise to improve strength, balance, and coordination. A physical therapist can also provide education on how you should begin an appropriate exercise program that is specific to your condition but yet still safe for your body.

5. Reduce Headaches

    When you get a concussion, your brain is still banging around in the skull and it can cause headaches. When your head moves rapidly or suddenly, this jostles the calcium deposits that are causing pressure on parts of your brain. You will be able to reduce these symptoms by seeing a physical therapist for both light exercises and increased activity levels. These two things work together to improve blood flow throughout the body so naturally increasing circulation helps with headache relief because more oxygen gets throughout all areas of your system quickly when we increase heart rates and breathing patterns.

6. Return To Normal Activity

    Physical therapy can help you return to normal activity after an injury. After a concussion, this would involve returning to work or school and living your life as usual. Concussion symptoms can make it difficult or impossible for someone who has suffered from a brain injury to go back to their old habits. If you have been going through some tough times because of these symptoms, talk with your doctor about other options besides physical therapy that may be more suitable for helping you get on the road towards recovery faster than traditional methods might allow.

    Understandably, you may be hesitant to visit a physical therapist for concussion therapy. They can seem scary and unfamiliar, but the benefits of seeing one outweigh any fears. Physical therapists are trained in all things related to injuries like concussions, they know how your body will react during recovery and what symptoms you might experience as well as how best to address them. The result is a faster healing time and less chance of re-injury once back on your feet again. So if you haven’t already visited a physical therapist for treatment, it’s worth taking the plunge. To learn more about what our team can do for you or if you have any questions at all, give us a call today.

Are You Looking for Help with Concussion Symptoms? 

Pace Physical Therapy in San Jose, California specializes in non-surgical relief and recovery therapies for Sports Injuries.  Concussion therapy is a highly useful tool in supporting recovery from traumatic brain injury. During concussion therapy, you can expect to work with a highly experienced San Jose, CA physical therapist who will evaluate the severity of your brain trauma and match you with tricks and strategies that can reduce discomfort, alleviate painful symptoms, and improve brain functionality. Physical therapy programs for concussions often build in vestibular therapy, which helps you orient yourself during periods of lightheadedness or loss of balance. The staff at Pace Physical Therapy strive every day to provide excellent service for all our patients because we understand it can be frustrating not being able to do what you love most due to an injury keeping us off the field or court! Contact us today to schedule your appointment!