7 Videos About Concussion Therapy You Have To Watch

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Concussion therapy is an important topic to any athlete, coach, parent of a young athlete, or just anyone who wants to be more informed about concussions. Many videos on the internet offer great information on concussion treatment options. We have collected 7 of the best videos for you below so that you can watch them and learn all about concussion therapy.

Why Should You Watch Concussion Therapy Videos?

    Concussion therapy videos are a great resource for people who have had concussions or know anyone that has suffered from one. It can be scary not knowing what to do after you’ve received the news about having a concussion, but it doesn’t have to be with help of concussion therapy videos. Concussion therapy helps patients understand their injury better and provides them with things they need to do after receiving treatment to improve faster.

    There are several reasons why you should take the time to watch concussion therapy videos. The first reason is knowledge and understanding in general. You can’t know everything about concussions, but watching several videos on the topic will make sure that you have a basic idea and understanding of what one is all about. If nothing else, it provides your family with another resource when they need information too.

    Another great reason to watch concussion therapy videos is to get you started with the right treatment. Most people who have experienced concussions did not know what they were supposed to be doing after their injury occurred, and that’s why watching careful instruction on how exactly to help yourself or someone else can provide some relief even if it isn’t immediate. The next one has everything to do about fitness and wellness goals while also dealing with mild brain trauma like a concussion. Here are the 7 videos about concussion therapy you have to watch:

1. How To Treat A Concussion By Livestrong. com

    The video provides information about the treatment of concussions. It is meant to be used by coaches, parents, or players who are looking for concussion management tips that can help them provide an appropriate response when someone gets hit in the head during a game. The video addresses what needs to happen immediately after something like this occurs and how it should be handled if symptoms persist beyond 24 hours.

2. Caring for Yourself After a Concussion: Introduction By St. Joseph’s Health Care London

    This video is about self-care, which may seem obvious to some but often gets overlooked. If you have a concussion and think that it won’t affect your life in any way afterward, then you’re wrong. There are things that you need to do for the symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury not to get worse than they already are and this video can help with that by providing the basics on what exactly needs to take place after someone has experienced such an incident.

3. How Physical Therapy Can Treat Post-Concussion Syndrome By Concussion Legacy Foundation

    With post-concussion syndrome, symptoms don’t just go away on their own. Doctors may suggest that you try physical therapy treatments to target the ones not resolving with rest alone and help get back into your regular life as quickly as possible. Topics covered include, how physical therapy can help with your concussion symptoms and how it will expedite the recovery process. The video is for anyone who needs to strengthen or stretch out their muscles at home after a concussion.

4. Concussion Rehabilitation: Physical Therapy By Impact Applications

    Dr. Michael Zolotnitsky is a physical therapist specializing in neurology and sports medicine, who has been interested in years in concussions in both professional athletes as well as those playing amateur games at all levels. In this video, he talks specifically about how these types of head injuries manifest themselves physically by causing different symptoms such as vision problems or balance issues people might experience during their recovery process depending on the severity of the injury which leads us nicely into talking about rest.

5. Physical Therapy After A Concussion By Lakeview Hospital

    Physical therapist, Erin Place will discuss how physical therapy can help treat headaches and the cervical spine. Erin Place will also walk you through improving balance to prepare for activities after a concussion in this video.

6. How To Treat A Concussion (Concussion treatment at home) By Cognitive FX

    Dr. Fong explains in this video how to treat your concussion at home, what you should do first when getting one, and the best ways for recovery so it won’t affect other aspects of life like school or work. She also talks about factors that might increase risk with long-term effects on memory function after sustaining an injury such as concussions.

7. Head Injury And Concussion Management Program By Athletico Physical Therapy

    In this video, Athletico Physical Therapy discusses the results of a study on the effects of concussion management. They found that 81% of people who went through treatment had improved symptoms at three months after injury, and 96% experienced improvement by six months. Moreover, they also felt less anxiety about returning to play following a head injury, and these improvements held up even one year later.

    We’ve collected some of the best concussion therapy videos for you to watch. Whether you want to know more about how concussions are treated, these 7 videos will help answer your questions and educate you on this topic. If it sounds like something that might interest you or someone who needs treatment at home, give us a call today.

Are You Looking for Help with Concussion Symptoms? 

Pace Physical Therapy in San Jose, California specializes in non-surgical relief and recovery therapies for Sports Injuries.  Concussion therapy is a highly useful tool in supporting recovery from traumatic brain injury. During concussion therapy, you can expect to work with a highly experienced San Jose, CA physical therapist who will evaluate the severity of your brain trauma and match you with tricks and strategies that can reduce discomfort, alleviate painful symptoms, and improve brain functionality. Physical therapy programs for concussions often build in vestibular therapy, which helps you orient yourself during periods of lightheadedness or loss of balance. The staff at Pace Physical Therapy strive every day to provide excellent service for all our patients because we understand it can be frustrating not being able to do what you love most due to an injury keeping us off the field or court! Contact us today to schedule your appointment!